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If you are ready to embrace your Femininity more, tap into your inner confidence and self worth, learn the art of self love, becoming more passionate about your life and the relationships in your life, creating healthy rituals, adding Sparkle to your image to match your inner beauty and much more, make sure to contact me today:

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Client's Experience

"I was Sahar's client a few years ago while she was mentoring for Tony Robbins, and even though I was only with her for a couple of months she helped me tremendously by reminding me of my inner strength and the choices I had in life.

At the point when I reached out to her I was very sad, and was going through a tough breakup, and felt like ending my life. Sahar helped me see things and the situation from a difference perspective and it gave me hope and strength to go through the pain and allow it to happen.

Today I am beyond grateful I am still alive, I had another relationship after that difficult one ended, and just like Sahar had said to while being coached, "there is always something waiting for you, and if you are not around anymore you won't be able to experience that". And she reminded me of my past experiences which made me realize what I couldn't see in the moment. That pain is always only temporary, no constant.

Jasmin Orberg - Sourcer Trainee at Duran HCP

"Vulnerability is



—  Sahar Irwin