My Story

"Find Your Inner Beauty, Passion & Voice!"

I was born and raised in Iran. A country where there was a lot of oppressions on girls and younger women. I was not allow back then to wear nail polish or make up in public without risking my life of being arrested and potentially being sent to jail. This was an issue for me since I love to wear nail polish and make up to feel beautiful, feminine and free. I however got creative and found a way to fight the system...


 Fast forward 14 years ago I moved to U.S to experience freedom. The journey was not an easy path though. From culture shock, to feeling homesick from being away from my family and even at one point finding myself in an abusive relationship and spending few nights in the women shelter with having only $20 in my pocket not knowing what the future holds. From those low points in my life I had to rise up and find myself again. I ended up finally becoming a Tony Robbins Coach and eventually 8 years ago I started my own coaching and speaking business..


It is my passion and mission to help women embracing their Femininity through sharing my story at speaking engagements, hands on experienced workshops, and private 1-1 coaching. In my community women learn to stay authentic to their Femininity even in a masculine driven work environments. They learn that true Femininity is attractive and powerful at the same time. Also within the culture of my community women learn how to find their inner super hero ( I call it Sparkle) that no adversity, inside or outside limits can take it away from her.

Today I live in sunny Florida with my son surrounded by amazing and incredible group of friends in a nurturing community. I do yoga, meditation and journaling on a daily basis as part of my daily rituals. I love dancing, art, fashion and of course wearing nail polish!!!


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Education and Training:


  • Bachelor degree in Science, Applied Math

  • Marriage Education, Divorce Prevention and Strategic Intervention Coach,

  • Robbins- Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention

  • Mastery University, Robbins Research International 

  • Leadership Academy, Robbins Research International 

  • Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy

  • Brendon Burchard’s World’s Greatest Speaker Training



Anthony Robbins, Bo Eason, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love, Cloe Madanes, Mathew Hussey

Professional and Community Affiliation:


  • Member of NAWBO

  •  Active attendee of WEE & Me Stronger Women Empowerment group at the Citrus Club

  • Member of CEO Clubs of Florida

  • Former president of the Iranian American Cultural Community of Central Florida.

  •  Monthly Workshop host for the Women in Transition Program at the Dr Philips YMCA.

  • Former member of Downtown Toastmasters

  • Former Result Coach for Robbins Research International( Anthony Robins Company)